Thursday, September 24, 2009

It must be that time of year.... yep you guessed it summer is over and it is time to buy my annual sweatshirt which will probably be worn almost ever night. It also is time for the cold season, it started with my mom who then got me sick I then got my husband sick and I'm sure Kodi will be sick before the week is over. I have a favorite season and it is summer!!! I love the hot air I love being able to do so much outside, but i hate when summer is over. There is only one thing that can turn my frown upside down, any guesses? 
My programs!!!! We have Biggest Loser on Tuesdays @ 7, on Wednesday and Thursday we have So You Think You Can Dance, on Thursday we also have Grey's. So even though at the curent moment I don't have T.V. at my house I have the support of friends that DVR everything for me so I don't miss a step on the dance floor, a pound off the scale, or the drama in the hospital. So to those of you that need to find me please feel free to call anytime... EXCEPT when my programs are on, I will not answer. Happy T.V. watching to you all!! 

         the-biggest-loser.jpg              so_you_think_you_can_dance.jpg                             imgres.jpg


  1. Hey darlin! Hope you're enjoying married life. I found your blog through Jaclyn's and I'm going to add you to my bloglist. Hope that's okay!!
    Love ya!!
    Jamie Gillman

  2. I am going to call you during your shows and you better answer! you are so funny!!!!! miss your face!

  3. I am liking this post. I like the message to the world about the no talking thing, some people just don't understand!

  4. baahahahah! I've found you and now there is no escaping I will be reading your blog! I am a horrible blogger and yet you have me on your list, thus you owe me. And I love you. Amen.