Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One month to go!

Yes, one month to go I'm super excited and so grateful for the people in my life that have helped me not go insane. Those people being, My sister Shauna who has really pushed this wedding train forward. My mom who, lets be honest I need her money. Jade for doing my flowers, Kellee for doing my hair for my bridals, Jaclyn for making all those little boxes, Emily for saving my eye brows. I love the people in my life and I would be lost if I didn't have friends and family.

This last month has been pretty stressful, which I guess is to be expected when you are moving, going to school, working, and planning a wedding. once again thank goodness for family and friends. Anyway I have moved to a new place which in one month will be mine and Cam's first home. I got my bridals taken last week, which was so much fun. I love my dress. and I have two more days of school... but then in three weeks fall semester starts. Anyway this is all I have for right now I can't wait to get married!!!!