Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Ladies

I was inspired my one of my ladies, Jade, to blog about all my ladies. I have been friends with these amazing women for a long time. They have carried me though the hard times, made me laugh so hard that I pee a little, and continually inspire and motivate me to be better. After I spend time with them I always go to bed thinking how lucky I am to have them in my life.

As my ladies know, I LOVE strolling down memory lane, so I'm going to take this time and write some of my favorite memories down so I can always have them
(and so other people can know how cool we are)

The Mother Ship, my senior year in high school I think I spent everyday of my christmas break at Emily's house, even Christmas eve and Christmas day, hence the mother ship. I Cherish the time I spent at the Lott house. Going to dances together. Sitting next to the Garbage can at Lunch. Not going to seminary opps.

Living at Parkway Crossing with my ladies was amazing, I learned so much and I have NEVER laughed so hard, hours and hours of The O.C. A few random E.R. trips, an awesome trip to Lake Powell, hanging out at the Olive Garden, jumping in the pool with our clothes on, the farewell party, one too many trips to ihop, and hundreds and hundreds of late night talks

Kellee, Lara, Emily, Jaclyn, and Jade you are AMAZING. I love you girls, and I can't wait for the new memories. I know it doesn't get more cheesy then this but I think it's important to let the people in your life know how much they are loved and appreciated.