Thursday, September 24, 2009

It must be that time of year.... yep you guessed it summer is over and it is time to buy my annual sweatshirt which will probably be worn almost ever night. It also is time for the cold season, it started with my mom who then got me sick I then got my husband sick and I'm sure Kodi will be sick before the week is over. I have a favorite season and it is summer!!! I love the hot air I love being able to do so much outside, but i hate when summer is over. There is only one thing that can turn my frown upside down, any guesses? 
My programs!!!! We have Biggest Loser on Tuesdays @ 7, on Wednesday and Thursday we have So You Think You Can Dance, on Thursday we also have Grey's. So even though at the curent moment I don't have T.V. at my house I have the support of friends that DVR everything for me so I don't miss a step on the dance floor, a pound off the scale, or the drama in the hospital. So to those of you that need to find me please feel free to call anytime... EXCEPT when my programs are on, I will not answer. Happy T.V. watching to you all!! 

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Friday, September 11, 2009

I would like to introduce you to...

Mrs. Lori Ann Wood. That's right September 3rd came and went and now I'm an old married women. Everything went perfect on our wedding day. On Sept 2nd we had a wedding dinner at the Lion House in their garden and it was beautiful. Close family and friends came and we enjoyed a delicious dinner together (pictures coming soon... I hope). After the dinner, Jaclyn, Bryson, Jade, my sister-in-law Brittany, my sister Shauna, my mom, and our neighbor Sally all came back to my house do to Some finishing touches for the wedding. Surprisingly I was able to get a great night sleep and really was never nervous. On the morning of the wedding Kellee and Emily came over to get my hair did and it looked fabulous!! I drove to the temple with my parents and was then sealed for time and all eternity to the man of my dreams. After the ceremony and after taking pictures. Cam surprised me with a awesome 1947 car that he had been working on so that we could drive off in style. It was super cool and a lot of fun to drive in. After pictures it was back to my parents house to set everything up. I just want to say thank you to family and friends because the reception was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was so happy with how the day went and I don't think I would have changed anything. Our first week of marriage has been amazing. I had no idea that I could ever be this happy. Thank you to everyone that helped, you know who you are! I love you so much!! Pictures will come shortly.