Thursday, December 3, 2009


Merry Christmas time!!! It's our first Christmas together as a married couple and I feel it's important to start off on the right foot. Cam bought out christmas tree last night while I was work and got it all set up. So I though I would get the lights on it while he is at work. I know you don't have to say it, I'm a great wife! I wanted to take this time to introduce you to my tree Cam named him Wilbur, I felt that our tree was a girl but I guess with the name Wilbur our tree is a boy. After 400 lights and about three hours of stringing those 400 lights here is our tall, full, beautiful tree and look we already have gifts under the tree. Tis the season.

Okay so I should be honest I only wish our tree could be that first one. This is the real Wilbur. we really wanted a real tree but man those things are expensive. Not to mention our our little basement apartment is kind of small so we had to get a short tree but we still love it because it is our first tree and I will have to look at it everyday for 21 days so I better love it! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope your tree looks better then mine.


  1. YOU got me I thought that big one was yours for sure!!!!! but your little one is so cute! we have a little one too I might not even put it up because Austin eats everything and it will just be a mess. love you

  2. Hey you! I found your blog and I can't believe how long it has been since I have seen you. Congrats on getting married! Hopefully now we can keep in touch.